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Increasing research indicates that  physical health imbalances contribute to psychological difficulties such anxiety and depression, AND our emotional and mental experiences effect our physical wellness.

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Health Coaching

Supportive Groups and Art Therapy

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Counselling involves dialogue among participants to foster understanding, new insight, hope, resolve plus support for changing behaviours, relational patterns and/or emotional responses.

Finding your personal solutions and living a more meaningful life is possible.

I am experienced in supporting adolescents and adults through many challenges including anxiety, depression, addictive behaviours (substance use, gaming and internet addictions etc.) as well as the many complications that life throws our way.

I am a registered counsellor/practitioner with dapaanz

Wellbeing is a journey and a naturopathy assessment aims to understand what is currently happening in your body systems. Symptoms are usually a sign our ability to maintain balance is overrun. Treatments are agreed on that gently encourage your body to be able to manage the source of the imbalances. Herbs and other health products along with diet and lifestyle are discussed.

Modern research is discovering links between anxiety, depression and physical health such as inflammation, gut health, nutritional deficiencies etc. See article by the great integrated psychiatrist Kelly Brogan.

I am a member of Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand NMHNZ

Groups are an excellent opportunity to learn about our strengths and also the barriers that hold us back. The wisdom and support found in groups can enrich our life path in unexpected ways.
Contact me to find out when the next groups are running.

Need personal support to make changes? Coaching appointments are available to support you to make changes at a pace that suits you. Also inquire about Group Support if interested (usually at a lower cost than individual support).

See below for prices and contact details

About Me

As a trained counsellor I have worked with adults and teens with many challenges including addiction, anxiety, depression, stress, anger issues and many other issues of human complexity.  I have worked in government funded counselling services including as a clinical leader in a 'rehab'.

I have recently trained as a naturopath and I am excited about the potential of this approach to help both mental health and physical health issues. Naturopathy usually involves thorough assessment of the body systems and using natural health products, diet and lifestyle changes to address underlying causes of imbalance.

Providing the treatment approach that resonates with you is vital to enhancing your wellness.

I am a registered counsellor and a registered naturopath. I have completed studies in counselling, psychology, naturopathy and also a Master of Art in Arts Therapy.

My fees are:

-$80 for counselling focused sessions (some negotiation e.g. WINZ Disability Allowance clients available).

-$90 for naturopathy assessment, $70 for follow up.

-Natural Health products can be suggested or supplied (usually at no mark up).

-Groups costs: to be advised

Are you eligible for disability allowance from WINZ?

Feel free to contact me with any queries. mindbody25@outlook.com  021 0254 0133


Contact, queries, bookings

Woolston, Christchurch 8062


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